Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Never underestimate your oponent.

It would never do you any harm to win big time.But it would certainly hurt you to lose.I mean not everything in life is a battle you have to win.Losing is something normal
.But when you have a good reason to win,Don't lose or don't fight.
Rate the maximum your oponent can do then raise it a little bit.Then see if you can win.If so rock the dance floor.But if not just don't put yourself out in a fight for something you care about when you know you're probably gonna lose.
Well it's up to you to get in the fight or not.However if you do be sure you see your oponent for what he really is.

But after all,Don't let anyone get to you.Don't turn your life into a series of unjustified battles.It's just not worth it.Enjoy everything good and bad in your life.Try to get along with everyone and just relax.


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