Friday, September 23, 2005

zay elamar :P

Just thought i'd give you an idea about how i look like .Well here we go ... There's an old pic. in black and white.Sorry couldn't find a newer one with collors.See, i dont really like being photographed. :). So what do you think??

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Anger management.

Anger is such a powerful instrument. A hidden supply of energy in each and every one of us. No matter how exhausted you could be,when somebody pushes you hard enough,you'd be willing to take a swing at him.

The key of using that energy is to take over it not to let it take over you. It seems easy to do,but it's really tricky to apply.

If you are sane enough though, you could use that automatic rush of blood to the head in doing something useful. In the end it all comes down to one question. Who's in charge you or your anger? Iknow most times I do ;)

الامتحانات خلصت هيييييييييييييييه هييييييييييه و أختي جت من الأرجنتين أحكلكم قريب إن شاء الله

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some of my embaressing moments:

Well believe it or not i've got lots of them and i think i'll share a few.
1-It was just one of my friends birthday (backthen a 15 year old girl).
And i wanted to get her something special.So i decided i'd get her perfume but i wasn't sure of what she'd like.So i got her seven essences put them in a box as days of the weeks. so she'd wear one each day.i even wrote a poem about each essence.She was really flying when she oppened the gift. One thing went wrong...mmm...well apparantly five of them were not perfumes..they were aftershaves. ok ok ok i know i looked stupid
2-Another time i walked into a netcafe and met a girl i hardly know. well i said hi then grabed a chair on the other side and logged on. After a while surfing,we started chatting online.She went through that subject that i didn't wanna talk about.So i wanted to change the subject so bad that for the first time in my life i started mocking people i don't know. I just mentioned how stupid and uncivilized were the guys on my left(which they were by the way).So she asked which one i was talking about.And i innocently said both of them.Then she said "The one sitting is my brother the one talking to him is my fiance." Dont i have such a big mouth?
3-There was that friend of mine from college.We were sitting there once talking about horror movies and stuff. I don't know what brought us to the subject.But we ended up talking about dinasors. He was telling me that SOMEONE told him they were not real. That they were only in fairy tales. I said"Who is the stupid idiot who told you so?"
So he answered "my father".And i should stop talking and start listening first(Although they say i am a good listener).

Well that's all for today though i have lots more.But later.