Sunday, November 20, 2005

Birthday girl? who? me =D

Surprise Surprise !!!!!
19/ 11 Last Saturday was my official birthday . And unfortunatly , Some of my friends tried to make me a surprise birthday party . You are probably wondering why i am saying unfortunatly .
Well , here's the thing ...
I live in Alexandria . But lots of my friends are from Cairo , Shebeen Elkom , Mnof and Elmansoura . Say that N , S , Z , L , O ,H & M are my friends from outside Alexandria .
And the story begins
On a given day a couple of weeks ago i recieved a phone call from M . He asked if it's ok with me if i pick up the cds he made for my birthday from S when i go to Shebeen ( i was supposed to go there last week ) . I really laughed and i told him he was good at making surprise . ( Backthen i thought he'd be the worst )
After a few days . N called to ask me when S was coming to Alexandria . N said that they've had lots of fights and she didn't want to come to Alexandria on the same day S is . She said that because of S she had to ruin her surprise and tell me that she was coming . I told N that i didn't know when S was coming because i didn't even know he was coming , she went blank . I gotta say i should have known S was coming since M told me what he told me . But i didn't guess . After she'd checked back with S , N called back to tell me that neither S nor N was coming . ( Fortunatly i wasn't stupid enough to believe her )
Anyway , Last Tuesday was my last mid-term exam . After finishing it . We were having a birthday party for one of my new( so called ) friends in college . And after blowing out the candles , i recieved another phone call from N . It was a short one . She only told me that she was waiting for me in the street where i lived . I went home as quick as possible . Took her with me . She stayed with me till Sunday .
Later on , in Friday . i was sitting with N and some of my friends from Alexandria .One of them (Y)recieved a call then . I only heard him say the following " Hey there , When are you cooming? ok call me when you get here. what ?Nada is not supposed to know this? " then lots of giggling and he excused himself .
After going home , With N . I got another call . From L . She said that she needed to see me urgently . I told her that i already had plans . Besides , N is there and S is coming and i didn't know who else . So , she told me that Z,O &H are coming for my birthday . And that they are all coming to pick me up from college to go ( somewhere) . L told me to at surprised as they'd kill her if they found out she's ruined the plan they worked on for so long .
Adding to them . The friends in common with me and N , S , L , O , Z & H from Alexandria and my personal friends from Alexandria .
See , the problem is except for the ones who exchanged calls . The rest of my friends don't know eachothers . And the ones who do , don't like eachothers .
I guess you can all tell what kind of mess i was in that day . A call every 60 seconds , people wanting me in different places and i couldn't have let them down . After all , they came all the way from different cities just to say Surprise Surprise .
And now , the fact that 25/11 is my non official birthday is bugging me . I don't know what my reaction could be if anyone called or showed up that day .
Another problem , now that they are all gone . I miss them so much and i feel so lonely .
P.S. I found out i'm really bad at acting surprised .


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Zen said...

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At 4:42 AM, Blogger Laura(southernxyl) said...

Happy birthday!

I'm no good at acting surprised, either. In fact, I'm probably no good at acting surprised even when I am.

I posted another poem for you.

At 12:20 AM, Blogger change destiny said...

Laura : thanks . The poem was lovely .

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Nightlegend said...

Happy Birthday ,it's great to have many wonderful friends like yours.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger change destiny said...

Nightlegend : Thanks . Too bad most of them are away .

At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Delpiero said...

ههههههههه طب كويس أنى مانزلتش زى ماكنت حاعمل
أولا كل سنه وانت طيبه
صحيح مفاجأت كتير وجميله بس ممكن تبقى متعبه بس ده لو دل أنما يدل على مدى حب أصحابك لك
يعنى شعبيتك عاليه طب ما تعملى ألبوم وتنزليه حيكسب .

At 2:24 PM, Blogger change destiny said...

delpiero: في أكتر من مشكلة أهمها هي إن صوتي وحش قوي و إنت عارف كدة . شكرا على الهدية لتاني مرة بس يا فنجري بق بطل تقول إنك رايح القاهرة أو إسكندرية أو دريم لأن عمرك ما بتعملها

At 10:26 AM, Blogger GraY FoX said...

happy birthday anyways cute lil lady

At 1:23 AM, Blogger change destiny said...

Gray fox : thanks .


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