Monday, November 07, 2005

Honesty .....People !!

What's wrong with saying the truth . Hey come on , It's not a crime . Say what you mean and mean what you say or shut up . And I meant that . What's so hard about just speaking what's on your mind and accepting what's on others' minds .
When somebody asks me a question . They are supposed to want what I truly think . Not what they want to hear . It's that easy really : Only ask a question when you want to hear an answer .
There's some kind of secret code that I don't know about . I'll give you an example :
Do I look fat? Ofcourse not .
Isn't he/she the one wrong? Sure .
Do I look tired today ? Nah . You look wonderful .
Sorry, did I wake you up ? No . I've been up all night .
Well how do they do that? I mean if the answers are correct , then fine . But if not , then why say so .
I was sitting with a group of friends today and I told them to imagine a day of truth . They asked for what I meant and I told them what if just for one day everyone in this college spoke their mind . If you are mad at somebody , go tell him/her and tell him/her why . If you have feelings for someone go tell him/her . If you have a crazy thought that you wouldn't normally discuss it , go say it outloud ( a more violent version of the movie liar liar LOL ) . They all laughed and told me that the blood shed in the world would be doubled because of my single day of truth .

In a few moments a couple of them started fighting . They seem to've tried my way of living for a few moments and it didn't go so well . Well , it's easier that way for me . Or maybe it's the only way I know . Gets me into lots of trouble though .
Later that day , I was taking a microbus home with a group of friends . And one of them (a guy) wanted to pay the tickets . So he said "would you mind if I payed?" I said "Thanks, but yes I do." . He said "it's ok you could pay for me tomorrow . Just let me pay today" . And i said " thanks but no thanks " . He said I was being stubborn and crazy and I said saying the truth and doing the right normal thing is never so . I could tell he felt bad about it because he didn't say a word all the way home . What is it with guys and paying girls anyway ? And I only said the truth about what I felt about his offer so there wasn't anything wrong about it . Maybe a little rude but right .
if you were offered a day of truth would you take it ?I know I would but would you ?


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At 2:42 PM, Blogger abdel said...

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At 6:44 AM, Blogger Nightlegend said...

I agree with you that nowaday not all the people are being able totell the complete truth due to many factors including compliments ,official atmosphere ,shyness...Etc ,but it differes from a person to another ,I think we should get used to accepting people telling the complete truth and acting based on this fact and don't consider them harsh ,aggressive or impolite.

I really disagree with you about the ticket's issue ,as a man I hate to let a female who is accompanying me or in my presence to pay for something especially if it's something like fares ,cafe's checks...etc ,it can be ok if for example we are sitting as a copules and every one paying for their partner then this is OK with me ,or if there's a pre approval or agreement that every one should pay for him/her self ,I think you should have let your friend pay but on the other sideI think he shouldn't have requested your premission to pay ,he should have done it quickly and then start receiving your objections!

I remember many years ago we were on a trip to Cairo ,I met some girl in this trip and I haven't known here before in the collegue ,we were walking together in some fun city and I brought her a popcorn and cocke ,no big deal but to my astonishment her reaction were surprising to me cause she kept fighting with me and insisting on paying me back! ,she even threatened me that she would either return the popcorn and the cock back or thrown them on the ground!! ,I was speechless for a few minuets then I told her to stop acting like a child ,I have invited her and she can invite me anytime she like ,that was in somewhat a stric voice ,I told her also to stop humilating me cause this is not a big deal and she was making it look like one ,she started to feelsorry for her harsh reactions and apologized ,so I tell you your friend may felt hurt ,men likes to invite women(not for a special purpose...LOL) but it's a pure instinct sometimes so just let it pass ,and trust me this is not a violating of the truth's code!

At 5:51 PM, Blogger GraY FoX said...

sounds cool... honey how can people live without putting daily fake facade' on their faces and rolling down the streets .... lies is the salt of life.. if you want the raw taste of life.. live it while telling your real opinion about everything.. you wont even like urself..
sometimes i wake up in the mornming with a bad mood.... i force myself to like myself and kiss my self on the mirror to make up my mood ....
anyways... there's a syrian play called " Gherbeh " .... there's a scene of lying festival turns into an honesty festival .. that made a disaster.. try to watch that play.. you might like it

At 6:19 PM, Blogger change destiny said...

Nightlegend : ok the girl was out of line . She went so far by making that strange scene you described .
But i disagree on something . He couldn't hav paid without asking my permission . That'd have been impolite . I don't like being put on the spot .

Gray fox : I like the idea of the play . I think i'll try to search for it .
About spicing up life . OK , Maybe i didn't make myself straight . Not lying doesn't mean saying the truth ... For example :
"me: mum i can't . I have college tomorrow " doesn't mean i'm going to college . It just means i'm supposed to be in college tomorrow.
"A:Are you really ok? ,me:why are you insisting i'm not?What makes you think otherwise?" doesn't mean i'm ok because i didn't say no.
"me: Sorry i'm late . It's a long ride from smo7a to elmontaza." doesn't mean i was actually coming from smo7a . It simply means it's a long distance between them .

And so on ... Bending the truth maybe . But not ignoring ethics .lol

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Eve said...

"Bending the truth maybe . But not ignoring ethics .lol"

I agree with this last sentence... lol. I hate lying but due to the fact everyone around me is lying on a daily basis it has become a nasty habit. I'm trying to get rid of it and will try to persuade my friends to have a "lying free day" like you did.

Noticed you're studying engineering too. Which department wala lessa e3dadi? Rabena ma3aki ya benti it's a very hard ride. The best thing in it in my opinion is the usefull daily info that you're able to collect from here and there.
Best of luck and if you find a way out PLEASE tell me... LOL

Very nice blog by the way :)

At 9:43 PM, Blogger change destiny said...

Eve : Well lying is something i never managed to do right . I just don't know how to . No need to bother you with details of my lying trials :) .
I'm studying Civil engineering . Having tests too . What do you study? or are you a post graduate?

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Eve said...

A fellow collegue?
That's a nice surprise. I wish I'm in post graduate, nope lessa 7abba.
You said you had an exam in which subject and what did you do?
And if you need any help please don't hesitate.

Take care and study well

At 6:04 PM, Blogger change destiny said...

Eve : Well , i'm having mid-term exams .Today was computer and tomorrow is mechanics . Thanks for the offer but i don't think anyone could help right now ( I think that pretty much answers the question about what i did in the exam :) lol )
Good to know you are about to graduate gives me hope .
Way to go . keep on rocking it .

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous hold me on said...

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At 12:04 AM, Blogger change destiny said...

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